Frequently Asked Questions

How are you connected with Crestview Presbyterian Church?

WCCNS rents schoolhouse facilities from Crestview Presbyterian Church.  The preschool itself is not affiliated with the Presbyterian Church.  The preschool does say grace before eating snack in each classroom.  WCCNS and Crestview Presbyterian Church work together for the good of the children in the preschool and in the church.


The preschool classes and Crestview Sunday School classes share equipment and furnishings.  Together, we have been able to purchase items for the children that the preschool or the church would not have been able to purchase alone.

How often do I work in the classroom?  What other jobs will I have to do?

As a cooperative preschool, teachers are the only paid staff.  Parents are responsible for every aspect of running our school.  At the start of the year each family will be assigned a job.  Each job must be completed in order for WCCNS to run smoothly.  Each family is required to have one job per enrolled student.  Families with multiple children enrolled in the school are typically given jobs that will not be busy at the same time of the year.  For a list of possible job options, please click here

As a WCCNS parent you will also be required to work in the classroom.  The amount of days you will work in the class depends on many things; the level of toddler class enrolled, how many parents are required in the class, and how many children you have enrolled.  Typically, you will spend 2-3 days a month per child in the classroom, though it may be more or less some months.