Option 1 - If you child is 2 years old by September 30th and fully daytime potty trained, you may choose to drop off your child for the duration of class. 

Option 2 - New for 2022 - We are offering a "Mommy and Me" option. If your child is 2 years old by September 30th, a parent/guardian may attend the duration of the class with your child. This will allow toddlers who are not fully potty trained to have a preschool experience with the parent/guardian present.  

Must be 2 by September 30th of enrolling year

Meets on Wednesday mornings 9:30-Noon​​

​​​Classes are offered to toddlers ages 2 - 5.

Class Options

3’s Class

​The three year old preschool class meets two mornings per week, on Tuesday and Thursday.  Students will learn how to participate in a school environment.  They will have an opportunity to engage in free play with children of their own age.  Classes will also include fine and gross motor skills, emergent literacy and math skills, music and art.

Must be 3 by September 30th of the enrolling year
Meets 2 days a week (Tues/Thurs) 9:30-Noon

The WCCNS curriculum is based on the Ohio Department of Education’s Early Learning Content Standards, revised 2006 edition.

Pre-K Class
​The pre-k (4-5s) class meets either three or four mornings per week, Monday through Wednesday (or Thursday).  The students in this class work toward kindergarten readiness, while following a schedule similar to that of kindergarten. Students will be introduced to science, social studies with a focus on early reading and writing.  

Must be 4 by March 31st of the enrolling year
Meets 3/4 days a week (Mon. - Wed./Thurs.) 9:30-12:30


2’s Class

​​The toddler class is a half-day class that meets on Wednesday mornings.  It is an opportunity for the toddlers to play with children their own age and to be introduced to a school environment.  Toddlers will learn about holidays and seasons, as well as participating in fun art projects. There are 2 options for our 2's class:​